My eyelashes are falling as well?" Five things you should know about eyelash extensions

A: It's hard to get up in the morning. I can not do that, but ...
A: It's hard to get up in the morning. Where's the time to cremate? I can not say that ...

Mr. A, who has been worrying for a long time, recently decided to receive the 'eyelash extension procedure' which many women prefer. On the same evening, however, the friends started to turn around.

Friend 1: Do not do it! That's all your eyelashes .
Friend 2: Do you think that's a bond? Does not it feel better?
Friend 3: Last time I gave my friend 50,000 won, but it was out in a week ! It seems like a waste of money ~

Eyelash extension procedures is, the attaching one or more artificial eyelash to an existing eyelash treatment. It has the advantage of filling the mucous membrane part so that the eyes are clearly visible. It also looks like a mascara with a viewer and can save a lot of time.

However, if you are worried about eyelash extensions aftercare, you are advised to "do not" at least once. There are many women who give up eyelash extension because of this concern.

Is it true that A's friends are saying? On the 17th, I met with Zhou Xiaonbei (female, 32) at a beauty shop in Magong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. Zhu is a beauty expert who has been doing eyelash extension for 14 years. I asked him five questions about eyelash extensions.

Q: When I extend my eyelashes, do I lose all of my eyelashes?
A: Absolutely not losing my eyelashes. There are three major cases when eyelashes are lost after the procedure.

First, if the operator has done the wrong procedure .
Artificial eyelashes should be stuck on the customer's eyelashes. If you put it on your skin or if you put it too close to the hair follicle (something like fleshy hair at the end of hair pulling), it is wrong. If this happens, your roots will be irritated and your eyelashes may come off together. Failure to control the amount of glue can lead to loss of eyelashes.

Second, the customer does not manage properly after the procedure .
After the eyelash procedure, if the customer feels a foreign body and pulls the eyelash by hand, the eyelashes of the customer will come out together. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes or cleansing products with oil. The oil penetrates the lashes and artificial eyelashes and melts the glue.

Third, there is a cycle of lashes .
Just as hair fades naturally over time, eyelashes naturally fall out of their life span. This cycle is seen as 3-4 months on average. The painless eyelashes are not due to the procedure, but to the naturally missing ones.

To minimize the loss of your eyelashes, it is important to have a qualified technician. Customer attention is also needed because minor habits such as touching or pulling often can also be affected.

Q: When I extend my eyelashes , my eyelashes become thinner or shorter?
A: In some cases, the eyelashes become thin or short when they are treated. Anyway, eyelash extensions are also 'procedures'. If we are treated with perms or dyes in our hair, do not apply nutrients or essences. Eyelashes need care just like hair. After the procedure, be sure to apply the 'eyelash hair growth' or nutrient.

The thinning or shortening of eyelashes does not appear to all customers. Some customers maintain strong eyelashes even with a lot of procedures.

Q: Eyelash extension glue, expensive and harmful to the body?
A: Many customers think that 'KC (National Integrated Certification Mark) certified glue is expensive and will not be used'. However, there is not much difference between certified glue and non-certified glue. Because of the price, there is no reason for an eyelash extensioner to prefer non-authentic glue.

But Bond is Bond. Depending on the guest, there can be allergies to Bond and can react sensitively.

Therefore, 'eyelid protection procedure' is essential in lengthening eyelash surgery. It is of the utmost importance that artificial eyelashes are placed so that they do not touch the skin and hair follicles.

Q: I think I'm going to get a bond after I'm out of the snow.
A: If you smell glue, you can not feel the lightness. It does not directly affect the eyes because it touches the eyes. If Bond is in your eyes, you will feel a tremendous amount of pain in different dimensions.

The feeling of feeling sore immediately after an extension does not last long. If the eyes are constantly sore and sore, the glue may be allergic or the procedure is wrong.

Q: I spent at least a month ... Does it fall so fast?
A: In the case of properly treated customers, the average maintenance period is three to four weeks. However, there are several factors that detract from sustainability.

The weather is hot and humid. Eyelash glue is weak to water and heat . For example, if you take a trip to South East Asia ( hot country ) and take a dip in the water , it is hard to expect sustainability.


At least once in our lives, blood was sharply poured on the face, or rather on the cheek, for no apparent reason. It does not seem to be a serious thing, but people worry about the inconvenience because it seems difficult to focus on work because heat is on everyone's cheeks.

In this case, folk beliefs and medicine provide interpretation, some of which is believable.

Burning left cheek
People say it is not a good sign to redden the left cheek. When someone slandered you, lied, or criticized you harshly, you claimed that your left cheek began to shine.

The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that relatives or close people are arguing about you. Perhaps someone has put your confidence in you and is now discussing behind your back.

In this case, do not run to the intended person and do not understand. Trust me. I believe that everything will be a reality and that the future should be done with care.

To make the scarlet color disappear, remember those who can scold you out of your presence.

Burning right cheek
Burning like a heat, the right cheek following the interpretation of the civilian sign says you are praised at this moment. Unlike the left cheek, the right person always burns for good things all the time. Only the best and the most positive are inferred about you.

People will blush their faces with kind words that will surely turn to you if your right cheek turns red.

Perhaps you have a fan who dreams of you day and night and can never decide to admit it.

Heat on both cheeks.
But this is not a good sign. For centuries, the hot cheeks seemed to be no doubt crying out for signs of insult, sorrow of trouble, that tears would ring soon. According to belief, these tears and burning cool the face.

Sprinkle holy water on her cheek if she does not want to fulfill it. This will help eliminate redness and defeat poor predictions.

Value of heat in relation to day of the week
When you are on your cheek on the first day of the week, you will soon see an old friend, acquaintance or teacher that you have not seen for a long time.

The burning face on Tuesday talks about schedules scheduled for your participation.
If you open your cheeks on Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday, it means business, fun and pleasant surprises.
But if this happens on Fridays, wait until relatives visit.
If your cheeks turn red on Sunday, it will be a sign of separation from your relatives or friends.

Medical explanation of rash on cheek
There is, of course, a scientifically proven explanation for hot cheeks in medicine.

In fact, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the most common ones are:

High blood pressure,
Circulatory violation,
Pulmonary tuberculosis (the hot part of the face is directly related to the affected lungs)
A high adrenaline rushes into the bloodstream.
Metabolic disorders,
Endocrine diseases.
If the recording cheek feels annoying on a regular basis, it should be contacted by a dermatologist or an allergist. Naturally, we will assign different types of tests to find the exact cause.

Also, checks often include facial flushing and stressful outcome, tense tension or excitement. At this moment, the temperature of the person rises, the blood vessels expand, and a large amount of blood flows into your face, turning it into an inflammatory state.

Blushing is also caused by consumed alcoholic beverages. As a result, blood vessels expand and blush appears on the face.

Perhaps everyone has faced the fact that this sign is interpreted differently when cheek is burning. Because everything depends on many factors. Starting from popular wisdom, cheeks are instantly burning when you think about people, but you have to consider any day of the week. Therefore, all values ​​of the above symbols must be considered in detail.

When the right cheek shines
There is no reason to be excited if your right cheek starts to burn. Because it is considered a sufficient amount of signal. If there is a loved one, he is probably boring, longing for a meeting, or maybe surprising.

In the case of a lonely person this can mean the appearance of a fan who can not express emotions. Such a phenomenon can be unrelated, affirmative, or exemplary to your personal life, perhaps someone remembered about you.

But there are other signs of upcoming fighting. As you can see, the same phenomenon can be interpreted in different ways.

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