Auditions & Evaluations for Fall 2018 are being held on

Fri, August 10!

Please contact if unable to make this audition date.

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Worship Band Auditions & 

Song Writing Evaluations 

Please read the instructions below for Worship Band Auditions and Songwriting Evaluations

To schedule an audition/evaluation, fill out and submit the online Audition/Evaluation Form. If you have further questions after reading the information, please contact

Worship Band Auditions

Each student auditioning, whether vocalist or instrumentalist, needs to prepare 2 songs. 

OPTION 1) You may select 2 out of the 4 song options listed below. Please select the 2 worship songs that best display your abilities.

OPTION 2)You must select 1 song from below and you may prepare a worship song of your choice that is not listed here, that best reveals your strengths.  PLEASE BRING 2 ADDITIONAL CHARTS of the song you select that is NOT on this list TO YOUR AUDITION.

Vocalists:  Two of the songs are female led, (We Exalt Your Name & You Make Me Brave) and two are male led, (Christ is Enough & My Soul Sings). 

  • Print out 1 or 2 of the 4 attached charts below (pdf files) to study.
  • Bring your charts with you to your audition, along with your own personal added notes.
  • Print, fill-out, and bring to your audition the STUDENT PROFILE. (Found at the bottom of this page.)
  • Prepare for the audition by reviewing the Audition Procedures (below)
  • Joey and Sarah will fill in with the other vocal and instrumental parts during your audition. (We will already have these charts.)
  • Joey and Sarah will play and/or sing with you during your audition on an instrument that you are not playing and will also have you sing/play some alone. 
  • Each audition will last around 15 minutes.
  • You will be notified within one week of your audition regarding your placement in a worship band.


  • We begin each audition with prayer.  We want to invite the Lord's presence in the audition and desire the students to honor Him with their best.
  • We will ask some questions about prior experience/training.
  • Play/sing song #1 & #2 of student's choosing. (Joey and Sarah play/sing along with students on instruments that they are not playing or will harmonize with with the singer.)
  • If a vocalist, students will need to sing harmony on the chorus of the songs prepared as Joey or Sarah take over the lead.
  • Pitched Instrumentalists need to be able to play scales in standard keys (C, D, E, G, B, F, A, etc)
  • Vocalists will be asked to sing a warm-up to determine vocal range and echo pitches played or sung to them
  • Drummers may be asked to create a fill or play a few measures in a different time signature or emphasize hi-hat, kick bass, etc.
  • Directors may suggest a musical change; showing the student how to make this adjustment to determine skill level.

SongWriting Evaluation

  • Students who audition for a worship band do not need to prepare a separate evaluation for song writing.
  • Students may prepare a song of their choice or may prepare 1 chart from the 4 selections below. If the student has written an original song, we highly encourage them to present this song for the evaluation.
  • Bring a copy of the music/chart that you decide to play/sing for your evaluation. 
  • Also, print, fill-out and bring to your audition the STUDENT PROFILE.
  • Evaluating students do not need to fill the requirements of the audition procedures. We will not expect students being evaluated for songwriting to play scales, harmonize, etc as stated on the audition expectations.
  • You will be notified by email within one week of your audition regarding your placement in the song writing class.


Student Profile Worship Band .pdf Student Profile Worship Band .pdf
Size : 44.872 Kb
Type : pdf
Audition Procedures.pdf Audition Procedures.pdf
Size : 228 Kb
Type : pdf
Advanced Band App_Letter Of Recomendation.pdf Advanced Band App_Letter Of Recomendation.pdf
Size : 51.498 Kb
Type : pdf


You Make Me Brave_Bethel_D.pdf You Make Me Brave_Bethel_D.pdf
Size : 463.551 Kb
Type : pdf
We Exalt Your Name_Kari Jobe_D.pdf We Exalt Your Name_Kari Jobe_D.pdf
Size : 326.215 Kb
Type : pdf