Saturday, December 8
6:30 PM
TABC Sanctuary

Travis Academy of Fine Arts


Registration Instructions

Please carefully check each of the rehearsal dates.  Since we are limited in rehearsals, students should not  audition if they will need to miss any of the rehearsals. Rehearsal time is limited and it is vital that the students are able to attend each rehearsal.

Contact Information:            

Sarah Shannon, Director                  sarah.shannon@tafa.org           Cell #:  682-521-6651 text me
Ondrea Schenck, Director                ondrea.schenck@tafa.org         Cell #: 817-368-1366
Lori Rooke, Director                        lori.rooke@tafa.org

 AUDITIONS in CHOIR ROOM W-201: Sign-up On-line

TAFA TOP Audition Sign-Up Link

TAFA Top Agreement Form (Must be Signed)

Only in special cases may student(s) submit a video audition.  You must receive permission from one of the listed directors.  Video file must be received by Thursday, Nov 1 for judges to view on Friday, Nov 2.

Friday, Nov 2         1:00 pm – 4:00pm Wear COSTUMES & provide props/Costume check

Performance Week:

Friday, Dec 7         9:00am-9:30am      MANDATORY Parent/Student Meeting in Sanctuary                       
                              9:30 am – 5:00pm   Run-through/Tech dress rehearsal 
                                                              (bring sack lunch, snacks & plan on being available for the entire day)

Saturday, Dec 8    3:00pm-5:00pm       Performance Day Rehearsals (to be scheduled as needed)   ALL ON CALL
                             5:00 pm                     Call for Costume and Make-up                         
                         6:30 Show                TAFA TOP  PERFORMANCE (TAFA) Sanctuary

                             9:30 – 10:30 pm        Post-Show Program Signing Party, CiCi's Pizza off 8th

Travis Academy of Fine Arts
“TAFA TOP Talent Exhibit”!
Student Expectations

Audition Expectations

  • The audition selection must be a quality “family friendly and TAFA appropriate” performance using any art-form (comedic scene, playing instrument, singing, dancing, solo or group number, whistle choir, baton twirling artistic presentation, etc.).
  • Parent/Student Commitment Form MUST be submitted from EACH participant at the time of auditions before a student will be permitted to audition. 
  • Sign-up for a 7-minute time slot for Friday, Nov 2  SIGN UP is on-line at tafa.org.....TAFA TOP.
  • Auditions are open for parents and students to sit in the room. Please no recording.
  • Upon entering room, student(s) will announce their name(s), title of selection (Create a title if needed), or movie, show, composer the scene is from.
  • Judges will not permit any act into the show that is even marginally questionable in integrity. We desire to honor Christ in all that we do. If in doubt, don’t audition it! Select something different.
  • Perform all elements of the act from memory (if dialogue, must be memorized as well as song and movements)
  • Dress in attire that fits your act.  This can change some if selected to perform, but needs to give us a clear idea of what “look” you are going for if selected.
  • Use of small props/set pieces are highly encouraged ~ but must be provided by the student(s)
  • No one is permitted to borrow church property to use as props in their act unless given permission in advance of the auditions.
  • Provide your own accompanist, accompaniment CD or ipad/iphone/digital device
  • If using a CD, inform the room monitor of the track number to play from the CD
  • ATTIRE must fit TAFA DRESS CODE (find info at tafa.org....handbook)
  • Student is limited to audition in no more than 1 solo act and/or 2 group acts.  (A choir or large group ensemble directed by a TAFA teacher does not count as one of these.)

Rehearsal Expectations

  • If selected, each participant and 1 parent must attend a mandatory meeting, Friday, Dec 7 from 9am-9:30 in Sanctuary.  Parents will be dismissed after unless assisting.
  • Parents may be asked to sign up for a task to assist with rehearsals and for the production
  • Arrive on time & stay in designated rehearsal spaces only.
  • Respect the directors and other student performers
  • Follow dress code for EVERY TAFA EVENT INCLUDING REHEARSALS when not in costume
  • Check ALL rehearsal and performance dates and commit to attend each, unless student becomes ill.  Please contact a director if student becomes ill or an emergency arises.

Other Expectations

  • VERY IMPORTANT DUE DATE:  Selected students using any form of recorded accompaniment must provide an accompaniment in mp3 format by email to Mrs. Shannon at sarah.shannon@tafa.org by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16.
  • Student may be asked to help provide small props for their scene or to combine with another act or make small changes in order to perform in the program.