Choir Documents
18-19 All Choir Department Handbook.pdf 18-19 All Choir Department Handbook.pdf
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18-19 Uniform Order Form.pdf 18-19 Uniform Order Form.pdf
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Warm-up & Ear Training Exercises
Vocal Warm-Ups 2.mp3 Vocal Warm-Ups 2.mp3
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Vocal Warm-Ups.mp3 Vocal Warm-Ups.mp3
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Combined Choir Choral Selection~Fall 2018
All Choirs will perform "Hark the Herald" in the December Showcase






"THIS IS ME" - with singers

DR0000_1408.mp3 DR0000_1408.mp3
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This Is Me_Bass.mp3


DR0000_1410.mp3 DR0000_1410.mp3
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This Is Me_Alto.mp3 This Is Me_Alto.mp3
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This IS Me_Ten.mp3

Middle School Honor Choir Practice Tracks


Gloria FULL.mp3

Gloria PIANO.mp3

Gloria SOPRANO.mp3

Gloria ALTO.mp3

Gloria TENOR.mp3

Gloria BASS.mp3

Home of My Heart

Home Of My Heart FULL.mp3

Home Of My Heart PIANO.mp3

Home Of My Heart SOPRANO.mp3

Home Of My Heart ALTO.mp3


Kuimba FULL.mp3


Kuimba SOPRANO.mp3

Kuimba ALTO.mp3

Kuimba TENOR.mp3

Kuimba BASS.mp3

Stars I Shall Find

Stars I Shall Find FULL.mp3

Stars I Shall Find PIANO.mp3

Stars I Shall Find SOPRANO.mp3

Stars I Shall Find ALTO.mp3

Stars I Shall Find TENOR.mp3

Stars I Shall Find BASS.mp3

Joshua Fit the Battle

Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho FULL.mp3

Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho PIANO.mp3

Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho TENOR.mp3

Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho BASS.mp3

We Rejoice in You

We Rejoice In You FULL.mp3

We Rejoice In You ACCOMPANIMENT.mp3

We Rejoice In You SOPRANO.mp3

We Rejoice In You ALTO.mp3

We Rejoice In You TENOR.mp3

We Rejoice In You BASS.mp3


1. *Dona Nobis.....Bach (SATB Audition selection)

2. *Jubilate Deo...... (SATB Audition Selection)

3. Phoenix Song .....(SATB)






Dona Nobis CUT                                                                                              Jubilate CUT

Piano begins on MS. 32, beat 2.                                                                      Piano begins MS. 30
Begin singing on the first "DONA".                                                                  Begin singing "Enter"

Altos:  MS 33                                                                                                   Sing through MS. 47 "Everlasting"
Tenors:  MS 34
Sopranos:  MS  35
Basses:   MS  35

Sing through the END OF SONG

CUT 2 Dona Nobis Pacem v2.mp3 CUT 2 Dona Nobis Pacem v2.mp3
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Type : mp3
CUT 1 Jubilate Deo.mp3 CUT 1 Jubilate Deo.mp3
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Dona Nobis Pacem FULL.mp3

Dona Nobis Pacem PIANO.mp3

Dona Nobis Pacem SOPRANO.mp3

Dona Nobis Pacem ALTO.mp3

Dona Nobis Pacem TENOR.mp3

Dona Nobis Pacem BASS.mp3

Jubilate Deo FULL.mp3

Jubilate Deo PIANO.mp3

Jubilate Deo SOPRANO.mp3

Jubilate Deo ALTO.mp3

Jubilate Deo TENOR.mp3

Jubilate Deo BASS.mp3



Phoenix Song FULL.mp3

Phoenix Song PIANO.mp3

Phoenix Song SOPRANO.mp3

Phoenix Song ALTO.mp3

Phoenix Song TENOR.mp3

Phoenix Song BASS.mp3