New Student Registration - May 8
(Registration begins at 7:45am)

2017/18 Schedule/Catalog

Class Load - as of April 19 (# of spots remaining in class)

(You can now type into the PDF before printing) Registration Form 2017/18 

Families are required to read and be familiar with the 
Student Handbook before registering for classes at TAFA.

Student Registration Instructions

1. Download schedule/catalog.

2. For registration view the catalog/schedule. 

3. Check the Class Loads for number of spots remaining in each class.

4. Contact teachers for auditions needed prior to registering.

5. Download registration form, fill out and bring to TAFA on registration day or after registration day you can bring them by during office hours or mail in your registration form.

6. A  12 ½ % deposit for the year is required at time of enrollment. 


Can I mail in my registration form?
Registration forms can be mailed in after the first day of New Student Registration for classes that are still available. But remember if a class fills before your form is received we will have to put you on the waiting list.

Is there a waiting list for classes that are filled?
Yes. In general, we fill the majority of spots on the waiting list and will call you immediately if someone has to drop a class.

How do I know if a spot is still available in a class?
We will periodically post a "class load" sheet once registration begins that will show how many spots are remaining in each class. You may also call us at anytime to get an up to date number on spots remaining.

Is there any refund if I drop a class?
Full refund is available through the last day of class of the previous year Spring semester. After this point you will lose the 12 1/2 percent yearly deposit. After orientation you will be responsible for 25% of the yearly cost. After classes begin parents are responsible to pay 100% of the cost of the semester or both Fall and Spring semester if the class has a 2 semester tuition commitment. This must be paid regardless if they complete the class and even if they are on the installment plan. This helps us to keep the overall costs of classes as low as possible.

Do you accept credit cards for class tuition?
Credit cards are to be used only if absolutely necessary. We are charged a processing fee so we prefer payment by check or cash if possible to keep class costs low.

Can my child move to the next age group if he turns the age after classes begin?
A child must be the 
age requirement of the class on the first day of class. Any special permission must come from the teacher but this is rare.

Is Travis Academy of Fine Arts a 501c3?
Yes. You may view the  Form 1023 and Form 990 for the 2014/15 budget year.