Fall 2018 Choir Auditions

Friday, August 10, 9:30 - 12:00

(Or contact the director listed below to schedule an audition during the summer.)

See below for details regarding audition procedures for each choir and a link to click on to schedule an audition.

 Audition Links

Please click appropriate link to schedule your audition. 

(Carefully read ALL the information below.)

RESONANT JAZZ AUDITION SIGN-UP: Click on this link and it will allow you to sign-up for a 15-minute audition slot.

Resonant Jazz Audition Sign-up

CON SPIRITO CHOIR AUDITION SIGN-UP: This link will not be active for August auditions. Please contact Mrs. Hames to schedule an audition at elizabeth.hames@tafa.org.

Con Spirito Choir Audition Sign-up

CHAMBER CHOIR, TAPESTRY TREBLE, CHORALE AUDITION SIGN-UP: Click on this link and it will allow you to sign-up for a 10-minute audition slot.

Chamber, Tapestry Treble, Chorale Audition Sign-up


Please see further below for more details about each choir.

Tapestry Treble Choir 9:00-10:25am :Advanced Treble Voices/Audition/Must be able to sight read using solfege/hand signs moderately/pass Choral Eval

Chamber Choir 10:30-12:30pm: Advanced Mixed Choir/Audition/Must be able to sight read using solfege/hand signs moderately-strong/pass Choral Eval

*Chorale 10:30-12:00pm: Entry level Choir 12-18 year olds/Audition (unless student passed the Choral Evaluation...then no audition is required)/Must have some ability to sight read using solfege/hand signs/pass Choral Eval

*Vocal Techniques 10:30 - 12:00pm: (usually 1 semester) Prerequisite to all choirs including Chorale/NO audition/prepares students to take the Choral Evaluation and once they pass, they may move into Chorale or audition to move into an advanced choir.

Resonant Jazz Ensemble 3:00 - 5:00pm: Most advanced/Mixed/Audition/Strong sight reading/strong ear for harmony/flexible singing style/soloist


Treble - unchanged voices that sing in the treble range which could include boys with unchanged voices

Choral Evaluation - A written test that students must pass by 90% to show understanding of basic music theory, music reading, &specific score marking techniques unique to the Choral Department at TAFA.  The study guide pages are below for students who want to take the test to clep out of Vocal Techniques.

Solfege (Using Kodaly hand signs) - We sight read using Kodaly hand signs weekly in all the choirs using movable "Do". (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do)

Audition Expectations

Tapestry Treble, Chamber, Resonant Jazz Vocal EnSEMBLE, Chorale

Below is page 1 & page 2 of the Vocal Choral Evaluation Study Guide (required for Chorale, Tapestry Treble, Chamber & Resonant Jazz) for you to print and study.  The test will be available for students to take prior to their scheduled audition.  Please arrive 30 minutes early and follow the signs to the room marked, "Choral Evaluation Testing" near the NEW Choir room, West-201. You may also come to the choir room any time during Monday classes to take the test.

(Students who passed this test by 90% in Vocal Techniques DO NOT need to re-take the test.) 

Choral Evaluation Study Guide.pdf Choral Evaluation Study Guide.pdf
Size : 242.731 Kb
Type : pdf
MAJOR SOLFEGE EXERCISES: You may prepare for this portion of the audition by practicing these exercises.  Be sure to practice using the Kodaly hand signs.
Major Solfege Exercises.mp3 Major Solfege Exercises.mp3
Size : 4375.552 Kb
Type : mp3

Below is the audition form that students will need to print, fill out and bring to their audition to hand to the director.  These will also be available at the information desk.  Looking over this form will more clearly help the student understand how to prepare for their audition.
Choir Audition Evaluation Form.pdf Choir Audition Evaluation Form.pdf
Size : 91.745 Kb
Type : pdf


Course Name   Day      Age       Time                 Instructor        

Vocal Techniques  (Tues)      12-18     10:30 - 12:00         Hames                                 

No Audition Required

If you are new to TAFA or to the choirs at TAFA, or an instrumentalist wanting to strengthen your ear and theory understanding, this is a fabulous vocal training class and starting point! Students will learn proper techniques of singing, music reading using solfege and Kodaly hand signs (do,re,mi,fa, sol, la, ti, do), music theory, ear training and score marking techniques that are unique to TAFA and useful for all large instrumental and vocal ensembles. This is typically a one-semester course.  This class meets at the same time as Chorale & Chamber so that at the completion of this course, students may move into the Chorale or audition to move in to Chamber or Treble Choir.  While enrolled in this class, students will spend the first part of class with the COMBINED CHOIRS (Chorale & Chamber) working on vocal exercises & a choral selection to perform in Showcase.The final part of class will be in the individual class. Performing in the Showcase is a requirement of this class. Students will prepare to take the Vocal Evaluation at the end of the semester and upon receiving a 90%, will be permitted to move in to Chorale or audition for an advanced choir.  

Tapestry Treble Choir & Chamber Choir

Course Name              Day       Age       Time                Instructors                    Location          

Tapestry Treble Choir (Tues)    13-18    9:00 -10:25     Schenck                         West-201                 
Chamber Choir           (Tues)    14-18   10:30 -12:30    Shannon/Schenck          West- 201               

Pre-Requisite or Teacher Approval

Admission by evaluation after completing Vocal Techniques for at least 1 semester and pass the Choral Evaluation by 90%. It is preferable for students to have at least 1 semester of  Tapestry Treble  or Chorale (to join Chamber) or 1 year of Con Spirito before auditioning for Tapestry Treble.


·        Student must have completed Vocal Techniques and/or passed the Choral Evaluation by 90%.  This test will be available to take at the time of the audition.  Attached is a study guide to know how to prepare for the test. 

·        Sing 1 solo from memory. Student may perform an art song, hymn in a classical style or may sing their vocal part from a choral song they learned this year. Students may provide an accompanist, sing a cappella (without accompaniment), or in some cases, may ask the audition teacher to accompany them. 

·        Sing vocal exercises to determine range and voice type. 

·        Students will also sing various pitch retention exercises to determine their ability to hear and sing in tune with strong pitch accuracy. 

·        Sight read (There will be a sight reading example available to study in the hall outside of the audition room.)


Course Description    Day            Age         Time                      Instructor                 Location            

Chorale                      (Tues)         12-18      10:30 -12:00        Schenck                     West -201                 

Pre-Requisite or Teacher Approval

Admission by recommendation after completing a minimum of 1semester of Vocal Techniques OR a student may be recommended by Mrs. Schenck, Mrs. Hames or Mrs. Shannon. All students must pass the written Vocal Evaluation by 90% before being permitted to register for this class, whether they take Vocal Techniques or not. An audition is not required for this choir but one of the teachers listed above must give approval.  If new to TAFA but have choral experience, you need to go ahead and sign up for an audition slot for placement.

·        Student must have completed Vocal Techniques and/or passed the Choral Evaluation by 90%.  Please drop by the choir room to take the test on a Monday prior to registration or email sarah.shannon@tafa.org to request to take the test.  Attached is a study guide that will prepare the student for the test. 


Resonant Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Course Name           Day       Age      Time                  Instructor                 Location         

Resonant Vocal Jazz (Tues)    14-18   3:00 - 5:00        Sarah Shannon          West -201                

Pre-Requisite or Teacher Approval

Students must first complete a year of dedicated participation in any of the secondary choirs at TAFA. It is preferred for students to be enrolled in Chamber or Tapestry Treble Choir at the same time of taking this course.

·        Student must have completed a full year of Tapestry Treble or Chamber Choir.  It is strongly suggested that students are also enrolled in Tapestry Treble or Chamber.

·        Sing 1 JAZZ STYLE SONG  from memory.  Students need to provide their own accompanist or sing with an accompaniment CD.  

·        Presentation of solo is very important since each participant needs to be able to carry a solo part with exceptional expression.

·        Echo Mrs. Shannon on jazz vocal exercises to determine flexibility of vocal styles.

·        Sing harmony above AND below a well-known song of Mrs. Shannon's choosing that the student may be familiar with. (Ex., “Amazing Grace”, “Amazing Love/Your are My King”)

·        Sight read a melodic exercise and a rhythmic exercise.

Con Spirito Choir

Course Name       Day        Age      Time                       Instructor                   Location         

Con Spirito Choir (Mon)      10-13   9:00-9:55               Elizabeth Hames         CMC-221             

Pre-Requisite or Teacher Approval

Students are admitted to this class by audition only.

·        Students will echo short melodic patterns played by the director.

·        Students will be asked to sing a scale ascending and descending on solfege.

·        Students will sight-sing a short selection.

·        Students will be asked to sing a short except in two-part harmony with the director.

·        Students are asked to bring to the audition a song of their choice to perform. It may be a hymn, a patriotic song, or a piece the student has sung in choir.

·        Students will be tested for basic music literacy by looking through a score with the director and answering questions about it.