Our Mission – Why We Exist

TAFA educates and trains the next generation so they may know and share the love of Christ through the Arts.

Our Vision –

Claiming the Arts for Christ

Who We Are

TAFA primarily provides the homeschool community with opportunities to be involved in the Arts. By the nature of homeschooling, homeschool students lack the opportunity to be involved in areas of group participation such as band, choir, and theater. Parents who homeschool may also feel inadequate to teach their children in areas such as painting or ballet. With this in mind, we provide families with the highest quality training from a family oriented and Christ centered perspective.

Our Structure

Students have access to choose classes “cafeteria style” allowing for choices that best suit their interests and desires. This enables students who are artistically talented, to master their skills in multiple avenues of the Arts. Students better understand how the arts are interrelated, providing for a stronger foundation and deeper understanding.

Our Strategies

God: The love of Christ and our faith in Him is readily apparent in our words and actions as we work with both our students and parents.

Students: We seek to train students with a quality education and minister to the spiritual needs of our students through our actions, attitudes, and words.

Parents: To partner with and walk alongside parents to provide support and encouragement as they seek to be the foremost teacher and spiritual influence in the student’s life.

Faculty: We continually strive to build a team that is passionate about their Christian faith, their field of study and are “called” to be a part of our mission at TAFA. We seek to minister to the spiritual needs of our faculty and strive to give guidance and provide resources that allow them to achieve the above “strategies.”